Netherlands in the women’s and Spain in the men’s event are European champions once again. On the last day of the EURO there was plenty of action and attraction.

The Dutch women’s team defended the European crown in a great match against Portugal (23:20, 19:18). Players were highly satisfied and couldn’t hide their happiness. „Happy, happy, we are really happy! This is our second title in a row, we can’t believe it yet. It’s amazing“, said Marit-Jaelle Van Ede, the Dutch player.

Spanish men’s team has remained undefeated throughout the EURO. Their domination was proved by the win against Hungary in the final match (19:18, 18:16). The gold medal winner Bernal Rodriguez said: „We proved our domination in beach handball and words can’t describe our happiness. Our opponents played excellent, but they didn’t surprise us.“ He added that Zagreb is amazing and that they will bring beautiful memories from the host city of the EURO.

Portuguese women players went one step further than at the last EURO where they won the bronze medal. „Our games at the EURO were really good and we cannot be sad. The Dutch team was better today, but there will be more competitions and space for improvement“, player Maria Santos pointed.

Teams Germany won the bronze medal in both events. In the women’s category, girls made a big victory against Hungary after the shoot-out (18:16, 12:21, 9:6). „We didn’t expect that we can be in semi-final match. After defeat in that match, we just wanted to win a medal, at least the bronze. Our head coach told us we just need to calm down and we listened to him, left our hearts on the court and than won“, German player Amelie Moellemann said.

German men’s team beat team Russia with 2:1 in sets (19:16, 16:17, 13:12) in an exciting bronze medal match. „This win is amazing, the feeling is great, I am full of emotions. The shoot-out was crazy, but for me, our third place is the most important“, German player Torben Knop said.

Members of the All-star team in the men’s event are Spanish goalkeeper Guillermo Garcia-Cabans Carques, Russian top shooter Chan Suan Vet and the Most Valuable Player is German Emil Paulik. Team Serbia won the Fair Play prize.

In the women’s event, the Most Valuable Player is the Dutch player Lynn Kessler, best goalkeeper is Diana Cristina Ciuca from Romania and the top scorer is Ukraine player Anna Diablo. Polish women’s team won the Fair Play prize.