Second day of the European Championship provided a lot of excitement. Teams who will compete in semi-final matches are Hungary, Germany, Spain and Russia in the men’s event and the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany and Portugal in the women’s event.

Hungarian women’s team played against Spain in the quarter-finals. In a very interesting match, Hungary beat their opponents after the shoot-out with 2:1 in sets (18:20, 18:14, 8:5). Hungarian player Rebeka Benzsay was very satisfied: „I am excited and happy, full of emotions, I even cannot describe. This is really good, we are better than the last year. I hope we will play in the final match“.

Portugal went into the semi-final match after the tense fight against women’s team Romania (22:19, 16:19, 10:8). „We did really good, it was really difficult and crazy on the court. But, we won and that is the most important for us“, stated Leonor Goncales, the Portuguese player.

Other two women’s teams who will play in semi-final matches are Germany and the Netherlands. European crown defenders, the Dutch team were better than team Lithuania (19:14,18:12), while the German women’s players beat Russia (22:14, 20:22, 5:2).

In the men’s event, semi-final pairs are Hungary and Germany and the other is Spain and Russia. Hungarian men’s team beat the hosting team Croatia in a very exciting and interesting match (21:17, 15:20, 18:16). The winner was decided after the second shoout-out series. „Shoot-out was crazy. We supposed that we would play against Croatia so we were prepared mentally and phisically. We did our best, this victory has fed us and we will keep going like this until the final destination“, Hungarian player Kristof Simon said. His opinion about team Croatia is respectable: „Croatia is fantastic team in the men’s event. They were one of the favorites of the EURO and a difficult opponent“.

Spanish men’s team beat team Italy in quarter-finals (22:19, 19:21, 8:6). „We are a great team. We always manage to make something big and the feeling is amazing. Spain is going to win the title of the champion because we have been working hard for almost a year. I think that with a lot of concentration and courage we can achive our goal“, Luis Mosquera was highly satisfied.

Russian men’s team was better than Portugal with 2:0 (26:12, 23:20), while the German team beat Poland with 2:0 in sets (24:16, 25:21).

Semi-finals are scheduled for tomorrow, at 10:30 am in the men’s event, while the women’s teams will compete at 9 am. The gold medal match will be played at 4 pm in the women’s event, while the men’s team will compete for the European crown at 5 pm.