European Junior Beach Handball Championship starts this week, on Friday, 16th of June and ends on Sunday, 18th of June. The best beach hanball players will fight fort the brightest medal.

Croatian teams will compete in front of the home public and their motivation for success is bigger. Both Croatian teams begin competition on Friday against Russia. The women’s team will play first at 10:45 am, while the men’s junior team will compete at 11:30 am.

We are finishing our period of preparation and everything is great. We want to win in every game. The atmosphere in the team is really good, we are all as one, fighting together. Our expectations are to play defense very well because the defense is key of everything“, said Krešimir Obratov, captain of the men’s team.

Croatia is allocated in a Group C with Italy, Russia, Romania and the Netherlands. „We played with all this teams at the last EURO. So, we know each other very well. Italia and Russia are excellent and strong teams. Romania and the Netherlands are also not bad. I think that Croatia and Spain are favorites for winning the gold medal. We are impatient for this Championship and I invite fans to come and support us“, stated Obratov.

Junior women’s team is preparing for the upcoming tournament every day and their progress is visible. „We are in a group with Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Russia and Switzerland. Spain and Portugal are our highest opponents. Dutch women’s team is a favorite for winning the title. Our goal is to pass the group and we will do everything to get a medal. Come and support us!“, said Croatian women’s team captain, Lara Miholić.

Mladen Paradžik, head coach of the men’s junior team published the list with 10 players: Krešimir Obratov, Ivan Družinec, Dominik Kniewald, Ivan Palac, David Kocen, Bruno Sudarević, Tin Brzica, Marko Pranjić, Mateo Budić i Josip Kožarić.

Iva Kanjugović, head coach of the women’s junior team selected 10 players for the EURO: Patricija Hren, Vanja Perenčević, Lara Miholić, Nika Horvat, Nika Vojnović, Anja Vida Lukšić, Rea Banić, Ana Malec, Lorena Orečić i Mia Tupek.