The best European players, fans, volunteers and all beach handball friends have made the European story unforgettable. Last ten days, the European Championship was held on the newly built sandy courts of the Jarun. The junior teams competed first and then senior teams in the men’s and in the women’s event.

It all began with the junior part of the competition as an overture for the senior European competition. A lot of attractive shots on sandy courts, good vibes and great actions by young players are a real proof that beach handball is popularized and becoming more appealing for the public as well as for professional engagement.

Matches from the first court were broadcasted live on TV or YouTube channel during the five days of the seniors part of the Championship. Among the other events, Beach Handball Discussion was held for the first time ever. Croatian famous athletes recognized the growing interest in beach handball and they gave the support to all competitors with their arrival.

There were Croatian national players of indoor hanball, the disc thrower Sandra Perković, handball players Vedran Zrnić, Luka Raković, Marko Tarabochia, legendary Zlatko Saračević, famous Croatian coach and former waterpolo player Ratko Rudić and others.

Indisputable fans support and the flags of all the countries that participated in the European Championship were on the stand. Visitors who came from different parts of the world were extremely satisfied with the ambience of the host city, with the atmosphere during the match and the great hospitality.

From the youngest ball collectors on the courts to the older and more experienced people who participated in the organization, everybody made their contribution to the European Championships passing and finishing in the best possible way, with the song and the celebration of all the gathered ones.