Russia and Spain in the men’s event and Poland against Norway in the women’s event will compete for the European crown tomorrow.  

In the first men’s semi-final match, Russian team was better than Croatia and reached the finals after the shoot-out (26:18, 19:23, 6:8). At the beginning, Croatia played great and it seemed that Croatia will get the chance to defend their title of European champions. In the second set, great Russian tactic and defense lead them to the finals. Nikolay Prokhorov will remember this day forever: “We were waiting almost ten years to win the match against Croatia. This is the most important beach handball event in my life. My emotions are mixed and tomorrow, we are going to fight for the first place”.

In the second semi-final match, men’s team Spain beat Hungary with 2:1 sets (24:19, 20:23, 10:8). Spanish player Adria Ortola Lopez stated: “It was a very hard game, we knew that before, but we didn’t lose our faith, we believed each other and the team fighting spirit won. Tomorrow, we will win the European Championship“.

In the women’s event, the first semi-final match was played between Poland and Denmark (18:21, 17:12, 7:6). The remarkable second set and brilliant saves of Paulina Sowa in the shoot-out lead Poland into the final match. Polish player Katarzyna Maslowska was so excited after entering the finals: „We are extremely happy now, but tomorrow is the most important match. I believe that we can beat anyone, this victory gave us the wings“.

Great games of the Norwegian women’s team against Spain in a very tense game brought them into the final match (18:20, 12:14). Martine Welfler believes that her team will win the EURO: „Spain is a really good team, but we knew that we can beat them. It was very difficult, we got a little bit stress and almost managed to lose the balls, but fortunately, it was the end of the game. I know the Polish team will be prepared, but I hope we will celebrate“.

Final matches will be played tomorrow, 25th of June starting at 4 pm in the women’s event when Poland and Norway will compete for the European crown. In the men’s event, Russia and Spain will fight for the brightest medal. Third place matches are scheduled at 2 pm between Denmark and Spain in the women’s event, while men’s teams Croatia and Hungary will play at 3 pm.