Ratko Rudić, Croatian waterpolo coach and one of the most crowned Croatian athletes visited the European Beach Handball Championship.

Rudić is a former waterpolo player whose player career lasted for 20 years. At numerous and different competitions, he won 64 trophies in his career as a player and as a coach. In his treasury, there are 19 club titles and 45 representative medals. At major competitions in the senior category, Rudić won 21 medals in total at the European and World championships and Olympic Games.

Rudić came to the EURO to watch the best European beach handball players. He was close to the Jarun Lake where the competition takes place and was interested to see how the games look alive. “I am very happy, the spectators are entertained, and the players are motivated and emotional. The general atmosphere is very good“, Rudić was satisfied.

From 1968 to 2012, Ratko Rudić as a player and as a coach participated in 11 Olympic Games which is a record in the history of Croatian sport. His opinion about beach handball as an Olympic sport is: “If the Handball Federations will promote this game around the world, why not. It is a very interesting sport, different from classic handball, involving young people and there is a chance to be involved in the Olympics.