German teams in men’s and women’s category are eager to win and prove. The first opportunity for collecting points, for the men’s team is in the match against Russia, while the women’s team begins competition against the Netherlands.

Head coach of men’s team is Kai Bierbaum. He was named for the best German beach handball player and has participated in numerous International Games. Also, he won the award for the best goalkeeper in Thessaloniki, in 2014.

Some of the most important players in men’s team are goalkeeper Daniel Rebmann, pivot Jörn Woltering and all-round Dominic Weiß, but others also play their role. “The goal of our team is take part and stay part of beach handball family. Our group is very hard, do or die group“, said in German men’s team.

The goal of German junior’s team is to confirm the results and try to be better. Key players in Konrad Bansa‘s team are Finn Hangstein, Moritz Ebert and Hendrik Prahst.

In women’s senior team, one of the older and more experienced players is Sabrina Neuendorf and she is very important for the team. Other seniors are young and new players in the team led by Nico Kiener. Their expectations are: „Group A with Hungary, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands sounds strong and interesting and we will think from game to game, especially since we do not have any or much experience playing agains the other nations. Our goals will be to get as much experience as possible and try to get as far as we can“.

German players Jana Epple and Isabel Kattner and goalkeeper Anja Kreitczik are important part of the women’s junior team led by Alexander Novakovic and Hannes Degenhardt. “We have played several tournaments before the Championship, and our goal is to reach the semifinal of EURO’s,” said in a women’s junior team.