After four years of firing, the Denmark teams return to the European scene. The last medal in men’s and women’s category, they won at the European Championship in their country, in 2013.

Danish players have practically grown up with a ball in their hands and their big strength is team intelligence. Although they don’t have a big possibility to practice on sandy courts like some other teams, Danish believe in a good championship’s result and the team itself. Gorm Andersen is a well-known and experienced men’s team coach with many years of engagement in Danish beach handball.

“Even though the preparation period has been short, it has been a very good and effective one. Our group is a tuff group and it is crucial that we end up among the top three teams so that we don’t run in to Croatia in the first games after the qualifying group play. The team looks great and we have some young promising players in the line up. We therefore as a minimum strive to reach the quarter-finals” , said from Danish team.

Morten Holmen is a women’s team coach since 2009 and under the guidance of him, the national team has won two World’s and two European’s silver medals. At the upcoming championship, their goal is to reach the sixth place and qualify for the World Championship.

Danish opinion about their group is: “Hungary and Russia are the strongest beach handball contestants in our group and two of the favorites to take home the trophy. Our main contestants in reaching the middle round will be Netherlands and Germany. Definitely, we think that we will see Denmark past the first group stage.”

One of the key players in men’s team is Martin Vilstrup who was voted as the most valuable player at the last World Championship in Brazil. Two key players in women’s team are Hanne Frandsen and Emma Mogensen. Frandsen is one of the strongest goalkeepers in Europe who has been voted the best goalkeeper in Europe twice. Mogensen is powerful and experienced defensive all-round player.

It is interesting that Danish teams will play their first match at the this European championship against the Netherlands.