The four-time European and current world champions, Croatian national team will defend the title in the upcoming European Championship in front of the home public. Women’s team will try to reach the medal that they won for the last time at the European Championship in Umag in 2011.

Seniors against all European teams have a positive ratio of victory and defeat. Davor Rokavec‘s team is composed of players playing in Croatian beach handball clubs. They are strongly motivated to win the fifth European crown in a row.

Ivan Jurić is the most crowned Croatian player who has four European gold and one silver, two world gold medals and one silver and bronze medal in the enchanting collection of medals. At the World Games, Jurić won two bronze medals. He started to play beach handball in 2003 with the “Fast and Furious” team.

“During the summer preparations before the start of the handball season we got a free weekend, and coach Gruić advised us to spend it on Jarun playing beach handball because there was a tournament there. I regularly started playing in 2005 with a team from college and since then I play it every year, “ said Jurić.

Expectations of women’s team are also high. Their goal is to reach a better placement in front of the local audience and leave the heart on the sandy court. The head coach of women’s team, Iva Kanjugović is impatient for the Championship to start. ”I became a head coach few months ago and there will certainly be changes in the team, such as rejuvenation of the players. Also, we are hosts so expectations are even greater. I can promise that we will do our best to achieve the best result”, she said.

At the European Championships, Croatia has won six gold, three silver and one bronze medal in the junior and senior category. Senior teams won three gold medals at the World’s Championships, one silver and one bronze medal, while in the World Games they won one silver and three bronze medals. Overall, Croatia has 21 medals from major competitions.

Croatian players invite all fans to come and support them as much as possible. In the first match, we will see how they will present their country and wheter they will achieve their goals. The first game, men’s team will play against Serbia and women’s team against Italy.