The European beach handball Championship is getting closer. From the 20th to the 25th of June, in Zagreb, 29 representations fight for the champions. In the men’s category, there are two groups with seven teams, while in the women’s category there are three groups of five teams each.

In the men’s category, Serbia and Croatia open the competition in the first field, beginning on Tuesday, 20th of June, at 10 am. At the same time, Poland and Hungary will play in the second field, while Netherlands and Denmark will be on the third field. At the same time, Russia and Spain will compete in the last fourth field.

In the women’s category, the competition starts at 11 am with Hungary and Russia on third field. At the same time, in the fourth field, Netherlands and Germany will play their match. The first match, Croatia women’s national team in front of their public will play at 12 pm on the first field against Italy.

Quarter finals are scheduled on 24th of June, beginning at 10 am in women’s and 11 am in men’s category. The semi-final matches will be played the same day, starting at 16 pm in women’s and at 17 pm in men’s category.

Matches for medals will be played the last day of the championship on Sunday, 25th of June and all will be held on the first field. In women’s category, match for bronze medal begins at 14 pm and in men’s category an hour late, at 15 pm. Final game for European champions in women’s category starts at 16 pm, while in the men’s category at 17 o’clock.

The Junior Championship starts on Friday, 16th of June at 10 am when play the women’s teams of Ukraine and the Netherlands. The first match in men’s category is scheduled at 10:45 am between Spain and Switzerland on the third field. The Junior Championship ends on Sunday, 18th of June, with matches for medals.
The complete schedule is available at the following link:

Schedule for European Championship 2017